Saturday, July 4, 2009

Have a Green 4th of July

Independence Day!

Show you care about our Country and Planet by making this 4th of July Green.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

  • Having a cookout? Turn the AC off while guests are outside.
  • Have guests bring their own glasses. It will reduce clean-up and garbage
  • Pass on the plastic and use bio-degradable dinnerware. There are lots of eco-friendly products on the market. Some even made from Bamboo.
  • Carpool or walk to the fireworks display and let your city know that you support the use of bio-degradable fireworks.
  • Recycle- aluminum cans, soda bottles, cardboard, aluminum foil.
  • Buy local grown produce- makes a healthy meal and supports local farmers. Remember to compost scraps and reduce items in our landfills.
  • Green-grill by using natural gas or natural charcoal products
  • Decorate with flowers, live plants, candles and solar lights
  • Clean up with eco friendly cleaning products

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